Time and distance can not erase a love and bond so deep <3

Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Brings New Life

Spring is not my favorite season (Fall is, to be exact,) because of all the storms and rain and hormonal weather (lol.) But, I can't deny the pure beauty of it. New life springs up everywhere outside. Tree's get their blooms, and turn green or colorful for the ones that have flowers. The grass is green, flowers pop up everywhere (and I definitely love my flowers!)And this Spring, I got to enjoy another type of new life; one of my best friends had her baby boy. He's so cute! And tiny! (Only weighing in at 5 lbs 12 oz.) And yeahhh, let me say, from the moment I held this precious baby boy, baby fever hit me like a ton of bricks. Walking out of the hospital, I looked at my other friends who came with me, and said, "I WANT ONE." These other friends of mine, all three of them (one of them is my sister,) have babies of their own. And I have a baby in Heaven, but the want to have another one, and soon, intensified. I get home and go right up to my boyfriend, "I WANT ONE. We have to get married. NOW!" Of course he doesn't have this baby fever so much...
But I am keeping to that promise from God, that I will have another...hopefully soon :)
Here's a few pics of this beautiful baby boy :)