Time and distance can not erase a love and bond so deep <3

About Footprints

On September 29, 2009, I lost my son at 22 weeks gestation. I loved my son very much, and it ripped my heart out.  When I gave birth to my 12 in, 14 oz stillborn son, the doctor determined that the cord was the issue in my son's sudden death.  I couple inches of the cord was kinked up.  How this happened? We still don't know..and the fact is, 66 % of stillbirths are completely unexplained.  I feel lucky enough to at least have the idea of what happened to my son, and the reassurance that it's not something that's likely to happen again.
Stillbirth is not a common subject to discuss prevention and research as is other common children deaths such as SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) , prematurity, birth defects, and sickness.  All of those are very important also, and should definitely be addressed as they are, but so is stillbirth.  It's a big issue, a lot larger than what people think.  Actually, stillbirth is TEN TIMES more common than SIDS. 
So, Footprints On Our Hearts is a website for the information and the support and consolation for all the parents of stillborns out there, as well as the grandparents, siblings, or other family.  Help me get the word out about stillbirth! So something can be done to help prevent the death of unborn babies!