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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

IT'S A GIRL! (gallstones & injections)

Since writing on here last I've had three more ultrasounds done of my little monkey, the first of those 3 determining that I am indeed having a little GIRL! I was quite shocked when the u/s tech told us, because I was just so sure that I was having a boy. But, God decided to bless us with a baby girl instead :). I couldn't be happier with the healthyness of our little one, every check up she has a strong heartbeat, and she's got some strong kicks on her too! We still have yet to come up with a for sure name for her, but there are a few we like and since I've still got about 13 weeks or so left, we still have time for that. As mentioned before, I am still on the LOVENOX injections, giving a 40 mg dose to myself every night. Recently I've begun to alternate injection sites between my upper thighs and my belly. And I'm getting quite tired of them LOL, but whatever it takes! After having some upper right quadrant pain lately, I was ordered an ultrasound on my gallbladder, only to discover that I have 2 very small (4 mm ) gallstones in there. Since i'm so far along in pregnancy, my doctor's really don't want to do surgery, and I've been put on a NO FATS/NO SPICES diet, which is no fun at all when all you want is mexican food! But once again, oh well, pregnancy is drawing closer to an end as I enter my last trimester, and then we can figure out something to do about that. Besides this diet! Anyways, I'm still thinking God every day that my baby girl is healthy as can be inside my tummy, and knowing it won't be too much longer before I'm having this HEALTHY baby and meeting her sweet little face. I really just can't wait! This first ULTRASOUND is showing that she's a "SHE"
Baby girl's face at 20 weeks
Her precious face at 24 weeks with her hands up to her mouth.
And her face yet again at 24 weeks yawning :)