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Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I was recently just browsing through sights online that had to do with stillbirth, parents-of & support groups when I came across a website called, BabyAngelPics. I went to it and found out that they are a company who restores photos. On their website they offered to restore two photo's of stillborns for free. Automatically I decided I wanted to try it. Although the website said they only done pictures of stillborns 32 weeks gestation or over, I sent mine in anyways (Aaden was 22 weeks.) I asked them to maybe give him his normal caucasion skin color(since his was still red), to give him open eyes if they could(blue of course, since his were,) and whatever eles they could do to fix them. Today I came back from a trip to Alabama and had recieved my pictures. They have done such a wonderful job! I can finally have an idea of what my baby would look like had he been born alive and at the right time. Although I know he may have looked a little different, I know that this picture is close. They didn't really changed anything, except his skin color and eyes. Just made it look better, taking away the bruising and things. I wanted to share one of these pictures with you. And I definitely recommend this site to any stillborn parents or relatives. I know that it can be hard to show peope pictures of you child with the bruising, or red skin, or other things that make it even more sad. And although, I still think my son was beautiful the way he was born, it is a lot harder for other people to see him like he was, because they just don't understand. Thank you so much, BabyAngelPics!
f.y.i., here's the website: www.babyangelpics.com :)
The picture is at the top left side of my blog page!

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